Welcome to Lonepine Creek Farm!

Lonepine Creek Farm offers many services: Chez Farm B&B, Chez Spa, and Chez Shop. Please be sure to take a look at the page devoted to these services where you will find a description of our many amenities, packages and specials. We have packages designed for the most discriminating traveller.

In Brief

A quick overview of our site.


Current Promotions for Spring 2020:

  • Come out and get invigorated with our Relaxation Squeeze treatment!
  • Chez Shop is offering a couple of different packages this spring, choose from Farm Machinery Repair 101, Spring Tune-Ups or Automotive Repair.
  • Weather dependent packages include a Walk in the Pasture, Schlepping Through Mud in the Yard, Planting the Garden, Grass Seeding, or Deck-Building.
  • Please phone ahead to see what package will be on offer during your stay.

Chez Farm B&B, Chez Shop & Chez Spa

About Our B&B

Previously known as Chez Mick when we were located in Carstairs, our B&B has been an award winning, mostly full service ‘inn’ (depends on the whim and mood of the proprietors that day) since opening in 2001. Having received the coveted Chien Jaune Hotelier award for the past ten years running due to the unique services and amenities being offered, we are proud to say that we are the B&B that feels just like home!

Services & Amenities

Chez Farm is known for its attention to guest comfort; mostly through its’ Four Dog/Three Cat Guest Relations service. This service provides the weary, lonely traveler with that ‘homey’ feeling of sharing your bed with a lovely petite dog or two, who like to scrunch the covers up underneath themselves, leaving you with next to none. Only the best for our guests!

Note: For an additional fee you can request the Cat Heating package, includes either one small, one large, or both, portable heating ‘blanket’ that may or may not purr

Mechanic’s Shop

Chez Shop opened seven years ago to great acclaim, this is a fully stocked shop where you can repair your vehicle or for that full country living experience, you could help with farm machinery repairs.

The Spa

Chez Spa opened it’s doors in the winter of 2007, and we haven’t looked back since! Our spa technicians have extensive experience, guaranteeing that you’ll leave our spa feeling refreshed, and relaxed.


  • Invigorating pre-shower ‘lacquering’: This is a massage-like treatment intended to stimulate exfoliation of dry skin, to be administered by spa technician Kiera, who has a uniquely thick saliva. Currently this treatment is only available for exposed skin such as the legs, hands, arms or face. $5 per area receiving treatment.
  • At table ‘acupuncture’: While dining enjoy the pleasures of an acupuncture treatment administered to one of your legs as our smallest spa technicians, Murphy or Riley, hoists themselves onto your lap. Free if you give them some of your food, $5 otherwise.
  • Relaxation squeeze: This award winning treatment is unique to Chez Spa and consists of a relaxing nap with any or all of the following spa technicians: Kiera, Kenzie, Jake, Murphy or Riley. The nap consists of Kiera draped down your side, Kenzie using your leg as a pillow,  or a cat snuggled in on the other side, all effectively pinning you to the bed. Therapeutic side-effects consist of sweating and pins and needles in your leg. $10 for full night treatment, $5 for nap.
  • Therapeutic Stress-Reliever: Yet another award winning treatment that consists of patting spa technician(s) for your desired length of time. Free since the technicians love pats, resulting grubby hands and furry clothes also free.


You can reach us a number of ways, smoke signals work too!